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VizitCare is an innovative tablet-based visitor management software and check-in platform that does much more than a sign-in book at your reception area.

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What is VizitCare VMS?

VizitCare VMS is a new way of recording information about who is visiting, a replacement for a sign-in book sitting on the reception desk. It consists of a tablet (iPad or Android) that is used by a visitor to input their information. It then sends an email along with an instant message SMS/MMS to notify hosts that they have a visitor waiting for approval . All the data is stored securely and can be accessed in the cloud.

As a Host how will I know somebody is looking for me?

You will get an email and if your cell/mobile number is loaded into VizitCare as an SMS/MMS containing a notice with a picture of the “Visitor” for your approval.

What do I do if I am not in the building or available immediately?

If you are unable to go and meet your visitor you need to either contact them directly or advise the reception to book future  appointment using VizitCare VMS

Will the visitor see my mobile number?

No: VizitCare  does not display any of your contact details, email or phone numbers. The visitor will only see your name and department when they search for you. Only you and a system administrator can see your contact details.

Where is my information stored?

Your information is stored in the secure cloud at Microsoft

Physically the servers are located in San Francisco. VizitCare VMS takes data privacy very seriously and is in compliance with all necessary regulations.

Who has access to my Information?

Your information can only be accessed by you (via the link in any email you receive from the system) and the system administrators for your site.

How long is data stored in VizitCare?

Information can be stored indefinitely or removed based how the platform is configured for your specific location.

How is the information removed?

If requested, information (visitor access logs) can be purged from the Database using an automated rule.  Backups may contain the data for an additional period, as configured for the location.

What happens at the end of the visit?

To keep the visitor log up to date it is important that you encourage your visitor to sign-out at the end of their visit.You can press the Sign-out button displayed on the home screen on the device and enter the visitor’s name to sign out.

What happens if my visitor forgets to sign-out?

If so configured, you will receive an email notification asking you if the visitor is still at the facility. If the visitor is no longer at your facility, there is a link in the email you can click to automatically sign them out.

What happens in an emergency or need to evacuate the building?

In the event of an evacuation, VizitCare will send you an email notification advising that there is an evacuation in effect. Visitor details will also be included in the notification to the Host as well as to the appointed Health and Safety Officer.

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